Get ready to embark on a night of elegance and anticipation as Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate Agency hosts the most exclusive event of the season – our Sneak Peek Soirée. Join us for a tantalizing pre-party that offers an insider's glimpse into the world of opulent living, where luxury homes and refined lifestyles take center stage.


Unveiling Extravagant Residences


Our Sneak Peek Soirée is your VIP ticket to an exclusive unveiling of the most extravagant residences in our portfolio. Imagine walking through chic urban penthouses adorned with panoramic city views or exploring sprawling estates nestled in the lap of luxury. Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate promises a sneak peek into homes that redefine sophistication and elevate your living experience.

Design Couture Showcase

Step into a world of design couture as our pre-party takes you on a curated tour behind the scenes. Witness the craftsmanship, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail that go into creating homes that are more than just living spaces – they are masterpieces. Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate sets the stage for a lifestyle that is as stylish as it is sumptuous.

Teasers of Exclusive Neighborhoods


Indulge in a visual feast with teasers of the most exclusive neighborhoods in our repertoire. Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate offers a tantalizing glimpse into the charm, amenities, and lifestyle of these sought-after locales. It's a prelude to the enchanting enclaves that could soon become your address of distinction.

Investment Preview

For those with an eye for strategic investments, our Sneak Peek Soirée provides an early preview of opportunities that define glamour in the world of real estate. Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate unveils insights into market trends, potential returns, and investment-worthy properties. Elevate your financial portfolio with assets that blend luxury and financial prudence.


Personalized Prestige Service

Experience the epitome of personalized service with Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate's Prestige Service. Our consultants are poised to tailor your real estate journey to match your unique desires. From exclusive private viewings to bespoke property searches, the Sneak Peek Soirée is just the beginning of the personalized luxury that awaits.


Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate's Sneak Peek Soirée is more than an event; it's an enchanting preview of the lifestyle you deserve. Join us for an evening of luxury, anticipation, and the promise of refined living. Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate: Where Every Sneak Peek Leads to a Grand Unveiling.


  • Property Name:

    Sneak Peek Soirée: Rahza Posh World Consultant Real Estate's Exclusive Pre-Party Extravaganza
  • Property category:

  • Purpose:

  • Badge:

    Fully Furnished
  • Plot Area:

    2500 m2
  • Total Built up Area:

    50 Sqft
  • No of Floor:

  • Available Floor:

  • Parking:

  • Rent Expectation:

    Rs. 2500
  • Rent/sqft:

    Rs 50
  • Location:

    Uttar Pradesh
  • County:

  • City:

  • Zip code:


Indoor amenities

Outdoor amenities


  • 100 Beach:

    100 m
  • 100 Train:

    100 m
  • 100 Metro:

    100 m
  • 200 Bus:

    200 m
  • 100 Coffee shop:

    100 m

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